CyberWar Games from Symantec

I have used Symantec products for many years, which have proved very reliable and effective. Following a posting on a LinkedIn group, I located a series of 6 Cyberwar Games YouTube videos. The first is shown below and links to the other five.

Sometimes just knowing about the information can be reassuring. This could be of interest to your IT department or the person or company that maintains your computer systems, Internet connections and website.

Company on-line security and computer network security are best handle by professionals. It only takes a simple error to let the hackers in and they can do untold damage to the company computer systems, including customer details, bank details. All companies are expected to secure their systems, or could be liable for major damages, possible not covered by the business insurance. Could you imagine what would happen if all the information on the computer systems was deleted?, hopefully there is an off line backup done daily? And then there how did it happen and how do we stop it from happening again?

1st Video from Symantec






The total time is about 47 minutes so probably better to spread this over time to fully understand the message.