Complying with legal Anti-Spam requirements

The Anti-Spam area is complex but this is a trend and requirement you should know about. Many countries have introduced legal requirements for storing and using personal information.

anti-spamDon’t send Spam Emails

Most people with an email account receive from time to time unsolicited emails. Many of these originate in the US and Canada, but this is about to change for the better. If you operate a website that serves these markets, make certain you publish the US Compliance documents required for every website. Northampton Marketing Compliance here. The new Canadian law came into effect on 1st July, read more about about the Anti-Spam Canadian Law here. It is illegal to send spam.

Spam emails waste a lot of company time, apart from being illegal in many countries, but that still does not stop the spammers, most are American. There is a number of registers that you add the spammer, but then they just register a new website and carry on. There are a number of steps that a company can take to limit the amount of spam emails getting through.

We publish our compliance documents at the bottom of each page. If you require help and any further information please use the Contact form in the menu bar.
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