Marketing  banner ads adds new customers

A play on words. Both ads and adds are common search terms in the UK. If you are searching for information on advertising your business on the Internet there are many options. Most people will look at the most economical and possibly will want to do as much as possible themselves.


You don’t need an internet marketing agency, you can use your own advertising banners and have online free advertising. The simplest way is to create an ad, and place it on suitable pages, these redirect to your offer page. Possible to cheapest method to use free adds on your website. Here is an example of a simple banner northampton-banner-guidecreate your own and add to different pages instead of just an image, the results might surprise you.

Another is to register at local Business Directories, offers range from free to paid services. A special offer for companies located in Northamptonshire provides a full page with logo, indexed by Google and Bing frequently, and free for 6 months. There maybe many more such offers to explore.

The Internet Advertising article from Northampton Marketing has just been published and shows a range of marketing options, from affiliate marketing, to local advertising banner solutions.


Using YouTube can play a vital roll in your Internet market campaign, It does not have to be expensive and can use a collection of still images and text images. YouTube also provides a good quality link back to your website and can increase the number of visitors if done effectively. [tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Useful Information”]